Our current member organisations are:

 Dunedin Makerspace:

Dunedin Makerspace is 5 years old and part of the international Makerspace/Hackerspace movement, we provide access to tools, from hammers and drills to oscilloscopes and 3D printers – we’re based in the Valley Community Workshop on Allen St in NEV,(North East Valley)  open Sat afternoons and Thursday evenings

Hatch Education:

Hatch is designed for the curious minds of Dunedin who want to explore with 21st Century technology, offering a selection of programmes for youth aged 8-16 as well as exciting professional development opportunities for teachers. The purpose of Hatch is to create a space which empowers learners to be innovative and creative citizens who contribute to a positive future. Provided with the skills and tools for purposeful play and ‘hard fun’ we aim to create a community of learners who tap into each other’s talents, support each other in learning from their mistakes and are always asking ‘What if…?’

Ad Instruments:

ADInstruments‘ comprehensive, easy-to-use products are highly-cited in scientific journals and widely-used in classrooms and forward-thinking learning programs. For over 25 years, they have been successful by developing quality products and providing great service right here in Dunedin!


Petridish :

Petridish is a shared office space specialising in tech and creative industry. Housed in 8 Stafford Street it is the brain child of Kate and Jason Lindsey and already plays host to a number of creative start-ups in digital tech. They also play host to many interesting workshops, events and interesting folk in the former hat factory turned Gig success!





We are administered and overseen by :

The Malcam Trust 

If you would like to join us, please get in touch at or through the contact us page.