13 reasons is a Netflix show centring on reasons behind the death-by-suicide of Hannah who narrates through a series of suicide tapes. In each episode the tapes reveal more of the events leading up to her death. Unfortunately, it would appear that no mental health, suicide prevention guidelines, or ethical concerns […]

13 ways to talk about 13 reasons

On Saturday, some of the Hive members were lucky enough to attend the “Concepts of Narrative VR with Mike Jones” masterclass hosted by the New Zealand Film Commission in Dunedin’s creative co-working space Petridish. Part of the NZ Film Commission’s GPS 2026 series, the event was introduced by their Head of […]

Storytelling in VR Masterclass with Mike Jones Recap

  Within the next 20 years, 47-81% of jobs as we currently understand them will be under threat from technology. This includes jobs that have always been considered ‘safe’ from automation. But until we achieve a collective understanding of what exponential technological growth truly looks like — and how it affects […]

Why do we do the things we do?

We were invited to run a few MAKERPARTY workshops at Mashup 2016 with Codeclub, FabLab and OMG tech and other tech upstarts in Welly last week. Add 350 students from Wellington Schools and that’s a party we had to attend! So last week we set off, a band of happy […]

Rocking Wellington

Dunedin’s first Silent Disco This October 8th, Hive Dunedin is ecstatically excited to be presenting Dunedin’s very first silent disco at Vogel Street Party 2016! What’s a silent disco you ask? A silent disco is a wifi enabled pop up disco, Dj’s play tunes and attendees wear headphones connected to the […]

Silent Disco – Vogel Street Party Oct 8th

Woohoo number two! Halfway there for our goal of four this year, at which point we will be looking to become an official Mozilla Hive city. This one was even bigger than the last – more coding, more electronics, and a real trebuchet! Not to mention the neuroscience – controlling […]

Our Second Makerparty Recapped

Dunedin’s very first Makerparty was a great success, seeing more than 60 kids take part in workshops covering all sorts. From electronics to boomerang making, there was something for everyone. This was our first Makerparty, with the goal being to hold another 3 by the years end. After that, we hope to become […]

Our First Makerparty Recapped