We were invited to run a few MAKERPARTY workshops at Mashup 2016 with Codeclub, FabLab and OMG tech and other tech upstarts in Welly last week. Add 350 students from Wellington Schools and that’s a party we had to attend! So last week we set off, a band of happy […]

Rocking Wellington

Woohoo number two! Halfway there for our goal of four this year, at which point we will be looking to become an official Mozilla Hive city. This one was even bigger than the last – more coding, more electronics, and a real trebuchet! Not to mention the neuroscience – controlling […]

Our Second Makerparty Recapped

Our first Makerparty will be run in 1 month as of today – on the 2nd of April. This will be the first of four this year, each taking place at a different venue to allow¬†as many people as possible to attend! The Makerparties are aimed at primary-intermediate aged kids […]

Our First Makerparty