Creativity is universal

We hear a lot about the need for creativity in all aspects of life and work, unfortunately people still describe themselves as ‘not having a creative bone in their body’.  But perhaps they have not been allowed to develop creative solutions in the right environment. Creativity is as much a social act as an individual trait, and team work can help expand peoples creative output.

I’ve spent 10 years researching creativity in all its forms from the neurological basis in systems and processes to in depth interviews and ethnographic research around the infinite capacity of humans to develop and grow, to change, and adapt. One of the fundamental aspects of creative work is that it rarely occurs alone, even if you cite Einstein, Jobs, or Gates, none of these people worked without colleagues, influences, or other people to bounce ideas off and develop ideas with.

Children develop their own game characters in groups during our Game Design workshops

Creativity often stems from collaboration, from working with other people, and allowing different experiences to come together to solve problems. Progression through any career often results in a tightening of focus, as you become more and more professionally engaged with your subject matter. Often this results in less room for new ideas, not necessarily the perfect recipe for creativity. Building an environment for ideas come together from different minds, helps create new solutions which work.

Merging different minds and experiences is what we do at the Hive. Alex Gregory turned up for a meeting 2.5 years ago to try and establish a Code-club in an old museum in South Dunedin, we had no internet connection, no computers, no money and no backing. In the last year we have delivered 4 hours of free digital education to over 670 children, next year we want to triple that number. A Psychologist and a Computer Scientist make a good pair, we work together to deliver things that provide benefits for our learners and people, we have established a community of learning, with hard work.

We have swelled ranks to host over 45 members of crew, have developed Physical Computing Workshops, VR digital design, Minecraft Clubs, Web Basics, Design, CS First, Codeclub, Game Design, Scratch Basics and Teen training initiatives.

This year we are going to expand our creative suite to include more young people and adults who want to benefit from the digital upswing. We are always welcoming new collaborators and innovators. Get in touch today and let us know what we can help develop with you!


Ann Cronin

Hive Manager

Ann holds honours degrees in Psychology & Neuroscience  and is currently completing a PhD in Psychology @ Otago specialising in Creativity and Learning 


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