Hive Dunedin – What’s it all about?

At first glance the purpose and idea behind the Hive Dunedin may not be entirely clear. ‘Mozilla learning network’ – what does that actually mean?

Well, boiled down, the point of a Hive is to take all the small, independent organisations doing things like teaching kids to code, to solder, web design, etc., and bring them together to hold bi-monthly events.

Most of this I’m sure you gleaned from our ‘about’ page – what I want to talk about is the purpose of all this, the outcomes.

I recently had the pleasure of attending my first Hive Dunedin meeting, planning the upcoming Makerparty. There I learned two things –  one, Hive Dunedin is being run by a group of people who care about this project. They are donating their time to make this happen, and are doing it in order to make sure Hive Dunedin has a positive impact. Which brings me to the second thing I learned – Hive Dunedin is one of the best things happening in Dunedin right now. Programs like this are invaluable to kids – I would know, I was one not so long ago. The sorts of programmes being run by Hive Dunedin  are things not available in most schools. It’s stuff kids might not realise they love, because they were never given a chance to try it. Hive Dunedin are giving kids that chance, and in an increasingly tech dependent world, we need more kids interested in coding and electronics. Coding, digital literacy, electronics, they’re all invaluable skills, and we’re giving kids the chance to kick off those skills early.