Hive MINDS will be the only Not for Profit hands-on technology center in Otago. We have a mission to bring excitement and a greater understanding of the ability to create with the internet. Galvanizing curiosity with ability, providing creative, participatory ways of learning Our exhibitions, programs, and products are informed by strategies of engagement called Design-Make-Play (DMP).  The defining characteristics of Design Make Play — open-ended exploration, imaginative learning, personal relevance, deep engagement and delight — are the ingredients that inspire passionate technology  learners.

HIVE Hub program is based on a constructivist theory of learning which asserts that knowledge is not simply transmitted from teacher to learner, but actively constructed by the mind of the learner. Later, constructionism suggested that learners are more likely to develop new insights and understandings while actively engaged in making an external artifact. The HIve Hub supports the construction of knowledge within the context of building personally meaningful artifacts, such as marble machines or light paintings. We design opportunities for people to “think with their hands” in order to construct meaning and understanding.

HIVE MINDS  audience will be:

Children (5-12) instill digital skills and love of technology through fun projects and activities.

Adolescents (13-17) facilitate growth through volunteerism, class facilitation, develop job ready skills, provide access to digital technologies to build and create.

Young People (15-25)  facilitate up skilling in digital technologies and new technologies.

Adults – Information and learning facilities, by facilitating communities we encourage growth of digital skills.

Technologists and industry professionals : Allowing adults with technology skills to share talents and develop community and collaborative practices.







If you would like to know more, or want to help out, contact us today!

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