Net Ninjas


Net Ninjas offers young people a range of learning experiences around Internet technology. From knowing how to evaluate and identify sources of information online, to developing secure passwords and learning about online tracking and cookies. Net Ninjas will equip young people with the tools to be confident users of internet technology, each week we introduce coding and programming skills during term 1.


Net Ninjas will run for one hour, one afternoon per week, for 6 weeks per term. We offer Term 1 and with sufficient demand will follow up with Term 2. In  Term 1 we teach the fundamentals of internet technology as well as a variety of internet safety techniques to ensure competent, digital citizens. In Term 2 we will concentrate on coding skills in HTML and CSS to build web pages and associated internet applications.

Net Ninjas will take place at 2 seperate locations in July – One course will run at The North East Valley Community Rooms beside North East Valley Normal school and another seperate course Innova8HQ at 123 Vogel street – sign up for your choice of location.



Children learn :

How the internet works

Online Safety 

Password Generation 

Programming basics 


Presentation Skills





Who   : Boys and Girls with little/no experience, but an interest in computers and ability to follow simple instruction.

Age    : 10-13

When : 5-6 pm – Tuesday at North East Valley Community Rooms, or Thursday at Innova8HQ, 123 Vogel street

How Much : Suggested Koha of $60 per child to cover printing and administration. ($30 for community service card holders – or if you cannot afford the donation please get in touch and we will figure something out 🙂 )