CS First For Girls



Do you have a story to tell? The Google CS First Storytelling club is your chance to bring your stories to life on the computer and share them with others. Develop characters and dialogue, build intriguing plots, and use computer-generated effects to add excitement, mystery, and interactivity to your stories. In this club, you’ll combine classic elements of storytelling, like characterization, premise, dialogue, and setting, with computer programming. Your audience won’t just read these stories – they’ll experience them.

This course is open to girls aged 8-13 who love to learn; and is completely free! No previous computer experience is necessary. Have your friends join too – the CS First Storytelling club is social and fun! Our initiative is to teach fundamental programming skills to girls to encourage women in technical fields. This class will be taught by volunteers from the Women in Computer Science Society at the University and is an incredible learning experience for both sides of the classroom.

CS First for girls is run by the Otago University Girls Computer Science Club and headed by Mika Smith and Nadja Jury. This class aims to easy girls into coding and computer science in a safe and supportive environment lead by women for women. We offer code club as a gender neutral alternative!

Terms 1 uses Scratch to teach the basics of programming. CS First runs one afternoon per week for 8 weeks. We offer Term 1 and with sufficient demand will follow up with Term 2. In  Term 1 we use scratch to teach the fundamentals of coding using a variety of free online resources and Google products.


Scratch is used to teach coding fundamentals in CS First for Girls


Children learn :


Computational Thinking


Problem Solving

Game Theory

Presentation Skills






Who   : Girls with little/no experience, but an interest in computers and ability to follow simple instruction.

Age    : 8-12

When : Starting March 23rd

  • Beginners 3.30 
  • Advanced 4.30