Minecraft Club



Minecraft is an engaging open world game which children are more than willing to play on for hours at a time. We see Minecraft as an excellent tool to learn about working together online, staying safe,  and developing positive behaviours online and off. We run a secure server and an educational version of minecraft so students are only playing with others in the same room and are not connected to the outside internet. We also have access to all logs and records of behaviour online and can join the children in the game to encourage and help them out. When children learn to work together online we introduce simple coding, math and other challenges to the sessions .

We think learning should be fun, with Minecraft we can ‘bake’ in learning objectives and simple numeracy challenges for younger students, or more challenging math challenges for older students. We have successfully taught area, volume and chemistry to class groups in the past using Minecraft and will develop a stand alone Minecraft Math session for children in the coming year. Sunday morning Minecraft Club is usually attended for 4 weeks at a time but you are free to book for as few or as many sessions as you like.

Children learn :






Social Skills



As with any event or session we have a suggested Koha but if you cannot afford this please let us know and we will of course cover any costs. We want every child to have the option to attend as much as they like!

Who   : Boys and Girls with an interest in computers and ability to follow simple instruction.

Age    : 5-13

When : Sunday Mornings 9.30 (5-7 year olds), 10.30(7-10 year olds), 11.30(10 years and over).