Sphero Robotics Workshop



Spheros are robotic balls programmable using drag and drop code similar to Scratch. During these two hour workshops anticipants will be forced to develop team working skills to solve a range of challenges using the robot. Participants will design, program,  test and race their creations before refining and facing up to another challenge using robotics, code and a lot of ingenuity to complete challenges.

Participants complete challenges by working in teams and allowing everyone to play to their strengths.

We think learning should be fun, with Spheros we can ‘bake’ in learning objectives and simple numeracy challenges for younger students, or more challenging math challenges for older students. We have successfully taught area, volume and physics to class groups in the past using Spheros




Children learn :






Social Skills








Who   : Boys and Girls with an interest in computers and ability to follow simple instruction.

Age    : 8-13

When : Saturday afternoons (TBC)