Sphero Workshops

What is a Sphero?

Sphero is a robot ball with several features that can be controlled through mobile apps, including computer programs that the students build. The main features are:

  • Rolling. The Sphero can roll at a given speed and heading for a given amount of time.
  • Colors. The Sphero can light up in any color.
  • Bluetooth. Sphero connects to devices such an iPads, iPhones, and Android phones and tablets through wireless Bluetooth connections. This allows the Sphero to be controlled by a number of apps

Sphero robotics teach math, physics, and computer science concepts using hands-on, engaging activities with Sphero, a robot ball. Students work in small groups to write computer programs that control how the Sphero rolls and appears. Groups of 2 or 3 work together to build and find solutions to ever changing problems in these 2 hour sessions.

Lessons with Sphero’s cover

  • Math: Percentages, division, geometry, and pattern
  • Physics: Speed, time, and distance
  • Computer Science: Program flow, variables, conditionals, and reading sensors

Typically we set team challenges with the¬†Sphero, completing easy and difficult tasks depending on the age and ability of the group members. The emphasis is on fun, and students hardly notice they’ve had to code, refine and code again when the mission is over!