Silent Disco – Vogel Street Party Oct 8th

Dunedin’s first Silent Disco

This October 8th, Hive Dunedin is ecstatically excited to be presenting Dunedin’s very first silent disco at Vogel Street Party 2016!

What’s a silent disco you ask?

A silent disco is a wifi enabled pop up disco, Dj’s play tunes and attendees wear headphones connected to the DJ’s desk. Switch channels your headphones to tune into 1 of up to 3 DJ’s battling it out to play the best tunes for you to party to! One DJ might be playing top 40, while another pumps out some Beastie Boys, and a third plays 80’s classics. You can switch channels whenever you like, so for the Dj’s it’s a fight to win the dance floor!
The Silent disco is a staple of Northern European festivals and we are bringing the party here! We will kick off with 3 discos : one for kids, one for teenagers, and one later one for the grown ups – because Makerparties are for making party, and there’s no party like a Silent Disco. This one’s not to be missed, so check out the Facebook event here.
If you want to hold your very own silent disco, go here.